365 DAYS

365 DAYS

Dear Sam,

Nova Creative Writers is one today!

You remember Nova, yeah? The second thing you said would fail. It’s been 365 days, well past the 45 days you predicted she would shut down. She’s still up and running, though she’s yet to achieve that huge success her visionaries had built her for.

365 days and I must say it’s been quite a bumpy ride for her – she’s taken a break once, undergone a series of upgrades to put her in a position to serve her audience better. Her team has faced great difficulty in sourcing for, creating and reviewing content from external content creators. Content creation and editing are harder than I thought. I am constantly awed at how tirelessly the team juggles keeping her afloat and striding through their daily businesses especially as we haven’t financially cashed out. In the little time since her creation, Nova has had a fair share of adulthood challenges in an effort to regularly deliver beautiful content. 

Amidst all the woes and shortcomings, she has published over 90 articles from seasoned content creators – there’s Duchess whose write-ups on life’s issues would keep you glued to your screen. Dara Makinde constantly gives us tips to a healthy life culled from her experience as a Pharmacist. Penmah Johnson would teach you how to be a modern-day Iyaloja as you mix godly living with current business trends. Moyosore’s work on basic social-life issues would make you giggle as you learn. Did I forget to mention S.A Trinity whose words on trending matters and constant social campaigns against issues like cancer and environmental population would keep you informed and in tune? She has published her second fantasy novel, you should read it. There are also daily words on marbles as to why you should write, live your dreams, be happy, and a song to keep you going all through the day. 

The poem section is mind-blowing – Favour Wih sends you into deep thoughts on life, faith, and fate. Publius Crassus gives you another angle on what love could be and how life can be. Samuel Igbago sends you on a journey to inspective thinking on life’s journey. Nirvana gives us solemn poems as if she’s a guest artist {she dey disguise} on a Sunday Worship Service.

One year has gone by with two novels, 90+ articles, and over 100 poems to her credit. With her back-end team who works tirelessly at sorting and delivering original and informative content, Nova has taken part in so many notable campaigns and celebrations for the advancement of human life and respect. Chief amongst them are the Black Lives Matter movement, Breast Cancer awareness, Energy conservation, and #EndSars Protest against Police brutality. These articles kept one sane during the Covid-19 lockdown and keep one’s head high on days depression and anxiety come fiercely at one. She observed the Children’s and Independence Day Celebrations, published projects to honour the late Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, an educational series on Greek mythology. I can go on and on. Even with her struggles and harsh storms, Nova has continued to inspire, educate, keep one in deep reflective and critical thinking, and humour her audience as she offers hope and faith in these dark days in a stylish manner.

She hasn’t arrived yet, but one year has gone and contrary to your prediction she stands tall, miles away from being a failure, minutes away from her big break, and dazzles all with her beauty.

Nova is one today. Raise your glass and let’s make a toast:

To Nova

To an endless lifetime of impacting lives and illuminating the world!

I hope life has been kind to you. Be safe.

Your friend as always,


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