They’ll look at us.” I say

“Who cares if they see us.” You reassuringly say to me.

“They’ll judge us.” I say again.

“They don’t know us.” You shrug and show me those 32 clear pearls

And then under the tree close to the stream,
You tell me to take off my shoes,
And then you bend down all the way that you stand on your knees,
Just to scrub my feet.
Oh! Goodness me!
You sure know how to pamper a woman’s feet.

I listen to the stories you tell me in the evening: stories of foreign lands, sweet folklores, intriguing and strangely interesting fables.
I pay attention to the lyrics you teach me,
Once again tonight you have padded my love manuscript.

You say you know Egypt and you can describe the red sea,
You say you lived in Europe and you can take me to see the white man’s country and buy for me the white man’s fancy things,
You speak the Queen’s English with no stuttering in between.

You make me stop to catch my breath each time you read to me a poem you wrote for me,
And shall I even begin to imagine the overwhelming feeling you give me when I taste your lips or the pressure you give to me in between my lovely round hips?

Oh, my sweet sweet Olawale, don’t be long on your trip.
Don’t try to fight foreign beasts.
Mama says they’ll eat you alive.

Oh, my beautiful Olawale,
Please don’t be long on your trip
When I said beasts,
I meant the women in European clothes
Don’t let them dazzle you with their pretty clothes and white smiles.
Remember you belong to me.

Remember me in the midst of the hullabaloo of the big country,
Remember the song you sang to me in my sleep,
Remember your trips to my dreams,
Remember how I used to make you your favourite meals.

Oh my lovely Olawale,
It’s been five years and two months!
Don’t you think of me?!
Don’t I cross your mind even once a day?!

I write to you,
Poems of my heart,
Wordings from my soul,
When will you write to me?!
Don’t lead me to thinking that you have forgotten me.

Ah Olawale mi!
My father has a man for me!
And I will marry him unless you save me.
Unless you write to me and show me prospect immediately!

Oh! my handsome Olawale!
You betrayed me!
They warned me but I was stubborn and I refused to listen.
Now you’ve hurt me deeply with your sweet tongue.

But, the flame of love I have for you still burns,
Even though yours was long gone,
Almost like it was never there at all.

Oh my heart breaking Olawale,
You’ve lived up to your image of seeing the human feelings as a game.

My heart shattering Olawale,
Please do remember me during your escapades in the white man’s country.
Please don’t forget me.
I know I could never and was never your one.
Please remember the time we spent together and all the fun,
Remember the time we used to walk round the village under the setting sun.

Oh my dear Olawale,
I thought we could become something.
Now I have a son,
One that is not yours.
I thought we would build a bond,
But the love between us was long gone.

Oh my deflowering Olawale,
Was it ever really love?


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