Our Man Crush for today is the phenomenal author: Stephen King. 

King, the globally acclaimed King of Horror, is a successful author whose writing spans over 40 years and over 50 books. His works are literally known as the “holy grail” of the horror genre and would often have one thinking about what could be lurking in the shadows. One significant thing to note about Stephen King’s work is that his books are not centred around a very fantastical kind of horror. Yep, he writes very relatable horror stories. The pictures he paints and the stories he tells are of ordinary, regular folk living in a typical everyday landscape. He also transforms recognisable themes into tales of terror and horror. I mean, King could draw out a whole bestselling horror book from something as mundane as the daily traffic on the 3rd mainland bridge in Lagos.

Stephen King also delves into the world of traditional fantasy. One of his fantasy books, Eye of the Dragon, introduced me and got me hooked on the incredible existence of fantasy books when I was still a skinny 10-year-old kid. 

One of King’s greatest strengths is his ability to relate to readers’ fears and transform those fears into a rich work of fiction. From hunger to bullying, abuse, and loneliness, King is able to take on a variety of issues and connect them to his readership. To date, he is the only author in history to have had more than 30 books become No. 1 best-sellers

Fun fact, he threw his first novel into the trash and only eventually published it because his wife asked him to. 

King still writes and currently has two books in the oven; it is very far-fetched that he will stop writing horror stories anytime soon, so fans can be reassured that there will be more goosebump-inducing stories from the  King of Horror soon.

Ayobami Fagbemi

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  1. Lovers of horror and the like books nova has given you author to read his books, you can be sure you will enjoy reading his books.

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