Since its inception over two months ago, Nova Creative Writers blog page has hosted 37 blog posts from writers not just from Nigeria, but beyond it. As we continue to appreciate the act of storytelling, putting thoughts into words and information flow, allow us to take you back to the first few blogs of one of the brands of Nova Creative Writers.

We launched with three blog posts, so let’s start with the first of the first (if that is a correct English)


I know, starting a novel doesn’t just look daunting, it is daunting. You have no idea where to start and it looks like an impossible task meant for only mini-superheroes. If you are feeling this way, you might want to jump to the last page of Nova blog. This post will give you the basic guidelines and elements you need to set up before you start writing. Reading this post might be the thing that gives you an edge over another writer that gets stuck on a page for months.

Having decided to write a novel, you need to have an idea of your storyline. Let’s change that, you need to have a story before you decide to write, otherwise, what will you write? So, before you put your pen on your paper or hands on your keyboard, lie down, (that usually works for me), take a walk, or just sit to think (or any other way that works best for you) and build up your storyline. If you skip this step, you might write your story and get stuck, about, 5,000 words into your novel. Then your full-length novel becomes a very, short story. No, don’t be in a hurry, calm down, and take time to build up your story…” 

Drum roll, please!


This post easily became our first-rated post in the first few weeks of launching. Although the setting took place in the bustling city of Lagos, this is a post that every Nigerian can relate to. Written by a resident Nova writer who is known for his out-of-the-box-thinking and indigenous literature, Dhesert Chequer made everyone look forward to boarding a bus (you have to read the post to understand). The post made a huge success that we decided to bring part 2 and we look forward to its comeback!

“Boarding a bus at a crowded bus stop, during rush hour, requires a special type of skill— craze. I stopped playing my song and joined in the mad rush. Finally, after a long struggle, I settled at the rear end of the bus. I was lucky enough to get a seat by the window, a favourite spot for any regular bus commuter. I reached for the pocket of my cargo pant to continue playing my song. Reaching into my pocket, I was met with a whole new reality, my phone was gone! In disturbed awe, I looked at the headphone, hanging carelessly around my neck, the other end, swimming in free air….”


We all have our reasons for not doing something that deep in our hearts we wish we could do. Time, laziness, and lack of motivation are just a few of the reasons why some people with the exceptional gift of writing are not taking the lead with their words. How to start writing is a blog post that will help you get started.

Don’t be afraid to write badly, it’s part of the process. Your second draft will be better than your first and your third will be better than your second. It is like building a house, it’s not done in a day. You keep adding blocks and keep building. Whatever you want to write, a short story, novel, poem, article, it starts with one simple step; START. If you don’t start, you will never start. If you don’t write, you will never be a writer…”


The truth is, no job is easy, White collar or otherwise. To make an honest living requires both hard work, consistency, dedication, and a good head on your shoulders. Some job looks easy enough for the people looking in until they are inside the ring and the reality hits. Been a food entrepreneur looks like one of those easy jobs. But the writer of this post, Penmah Johnson, made us understand that no job is easy, especially being a food entrepreneur. To find out what being a food entrepreneur entails, read this post.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, everyone assumes it’s a high-end position. Thinking it exempts you from the woes of being an employee to being the big guy at the top. This assumption is wrong. What they refuse to see is that you’re your employee and employer at the same time. You shuffle between being the chief executive and the cleaner, you’re a one-man team at the same time a team leader. Maybe if we stop believing myths about this subject, we won’t be so quick to drop our bat and run when the first blow hits us…”

Nova blog page is the busiest page on Nova Creative Writers and that is because it is a library for anything and all things. The variety blog page has articles on contemporary issues, entrepreneurship, writing, social issues, medical, and technology. If you are new here, you might want to be a regular.

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