You love music and you have not visited the music library of Nova Creative Writers? Some may wonder what music has to do with creative writings but have they considered that music is creativity at its peak? Putting down good lyrics isn’t something that can be handed down like a gift basket. It takes time, deep thought and the ability to see what others can’t. Music is a form of art and one of the most accepted forms. Which is why we dish out a daily dose of this creativity. Our music library often competes for second place with the poetic expression page and sometimes we get up to 200 hits on the page per day!

We have 87 songs recommended since launching and we are sure you will love each of them—If you appreciate good music. We upload music videos of creatively intelligent artists who devoted a considerable amount of energy and time to their lyrics and beats. 

Let’s take you through a list of some of our recommendations

  • Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
  • Lighthouse Family – High
  • James Blunt – The Greatest
  • Freya Ridings – Home
  • Welshly Arms – Sanctuary
  • The Score – Stronger
  • Lauren Daigle – Rescue
  • Silverberg Feat. Ruelle – Giants
  • Khalid – Saturday Nights
  • Grandson – Blood // Water
  • James Bay – Need The Sun to Break
  • Natalie Taylor – Collapsed
  • Gavin James – The Book of Love
  • Illenium Ft. Jon Bellion – Good Things Fall Apart
  • The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

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