Poetic Expression is another brand of Nova Creative Writers that has been thriving since its creation. The 60 poems library is flourishing with thoughts and conceptions of sterling poets on life, love, adulthood, childhood, politics, nation, society and the world.

The first poem on the page is:


A poem every Lagosian can relate to as it enunciates the basic issues and struggles of the everyday life of a person living in Lagos.

“…Bring us our keep or become the keep.

“No one is joking in Moscow”

That’s a saying authored by my city

She reigns from the ashes of ages gone

Our matriarch phoenix has gone mad again

And again, you sprint from the energy behind,

Obey the force beside and already at fault before you decide…”


We all need the courage to go through life, we need it to do basically, anything. We all get to that point where we need more than physical strength to take a step. This poem talks about finding that immerse strength to carry on.

“…There’s a bold step that I must take

But rejection is holding me back

Scared of what the outcome may be,

All the doors keep closing on me

I see a pack of wolves running me down,

Or being welcomed with open arms,

So many words I have to say

But the fear keeps pushing me down…


This poetic expression about a lost love dominated the poetic expression page for weeks. It deals with the pain of lost love and the light that slowly creeps in, easing the pain away.

While you were away

I pieced up the pieces of what remained

With bloodstained hands, I felt each cut

With “you” gone I might not be “full”

Slowly I learned, I still could fill up

With staggering steps, I filled up my smile.

While you were away

No longer wandering

I stopped to wonder,

letting my head hang back to see the cloud

With drapes of sunlight and love for me

I began to breathe….”


It is easy to confuse survival to living and that is perfectly normal. Life comes with daily challenges that often cause that confusion. The poetic expression reminds us to not just survive but to live. Making every day count and living an indelible positive mark in the lives we touch.

“…Even when you caught a glimpse of what darkness befell me

If on your journey

And my story revives your vibe

As your children yearn to hear my folklore

It is because I survived, I dared to

And, what more son

… I Lived


Every day presents its share of struggles but we keep on pushing, never backing down. We are driven by passion and desire not to just walk the earth but to let our story be told by generation to come.

“…Every day in the Jungle is a struggle

Every day in the Jungle is a tussle

For the dungs, scratch & nutrition we scrabble

Hoping to take recourse someday and bustle

Every day we get up a few remember

That we are meant to live not to survive

The latter being a stage not many outgrow

The former being the height all should conquer

But then, every day we get up, we get by…”

These poets with remarkable penmanship and divergent styles of writing and craving words made Nova Poetic Expression page rank second busiest page.

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