Seraphs: The Awakening is the kind of novel you can’t seem to use a single word to describe or you can’t seem to place squarely in the tight little box of a single genre. I mean we know it’s fantasy, but is it urban? Young adult? Romantic? Medieval? Normally a book with these many “components” would strike me as a terrible mishmash of themes but Seraphs is simply the opposite. The author of the novel, S.A. Trinity, seamlessly tailored many parts of the puzzle that is this novel into one big amazing Bang!

The first hit in this book was that it had a female lead (Go Titties or Go Home). And no, not the type that needed saving. The heroine, Norabel, is a feisty young lady whom from the first chapter made it clear that she wasn’t one to be messed around with and guess what, this was even before any form of supernatural powers were introduced. She was perfectly okay with her life until it was revealed that she wasn’t fully human and she actually was much more important than she wanted to be.

Now, this is where the fun began. Norabel is without any preparation taken from her small home town of Meadowville to an alternate world called Alterra. She is revealed to be a Seraph and promptly thrown into an agelong war of dark against light, good against evil. Picture Archangels, bound Archdemons, demon hunters, witches, necromancers and a whole lot of unsavoury delights. The story only got better and better with every chapter revealing new layers, but as the plot thickens, we come to realize that good just might not be synonymous with light.

Now, while there is a bit of romance with the male lead, Keelan A.K.A. “the Hot Cap’n”, it wasn’t really a central theme to the plot. The plot focused more on the bonds of family and honour among the Seraphs and this is one reason why my favourite scenes in this book were mostly the scenes filled with family banter amongst the Seraphs. The author went to great lengths to show glimpses into the everyday family life of the Seraphs and you could just sense the love and camaraderie between them. This made the book a lot more realistic because the level of sacrifice which was shown in the book could not have been realistically portrayed without that amount of character and bond building.

The world building in Alterra is literally out of this world (pun intended) and the amount of detail and planning that went into it deserves a 10/10. It really made me wonder why scientists have not yet developed Nethergates. I mean we are in the 21st century for Seraph’s sake!

Seraphs: The Awakening is the first book in the series and I can assure you I immediately rushed to read the book 2. While I love the book and have read it about four different times, I would rate this book a 7.5/10 because the cliff-hanger nearly killed me with anticipation (S.A Trinity, how could you be so cruel?) I recommend this book for ALL lovers of fantasy in general and fans of Mortal Instruments in particular because as I said earlier it has a little bit of everything. It’s a fantastical fantasy indeed.


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