Tobi Ibiyemi popularly known as Briefdaddy is a multi-talented Nigerian dance artiste. The name Briefdaddy was coined from his apparent physique, which makes him conspicuous and indeed sui generis. Briefdaddy has starred in popular music videos featuring Nigerian music artistes such as; Wizkid, Olamide, Naira Marley, just to mention a few. However, before Briefdaddy ventured into the entertainment scene, as a young boy, he had a dream of becoming a professional football player. A modest player he was, but he soon found out that his physique might not necessarily give him the edge in his first dream. In his words, 

“I was a decent player and my boots were quite small, but, that didn’t prevent me from striking the ball well. However, it dawned on me that there are some tactical aspects of the game I couldn’t perform effectively in and that I put my team at a disadvantage. I started as a defender but I was not blessed with the height to compete for aerial duels. However, when I scored a goal, I wowed the entire team including the opposition with my dance moves while celebrating”.

Like football, dancing came naturally to him. He soon realized it was also a sport. Briefdaddy appreciates the physical and mental benefits of engaging the body in exercise. On his role model, it is none other than the iconic dancer, Kaffy. Briefdaddy without a doubt believes her to be the pacesetter and pioneer for career dancers in Nigeria. There were times when he had doubts, like every aspiring artiste, whether he would eventually cut in the big stage. One thing kept him going; self-belief in his ability. This he believes has served him well. In his words;

“People actually expect me to feel or use my physique as an excuse to be unproductive or generally as an excuse for failure. I don’t… in fact, it is the other way round. I must strive to be better, to be a role model for young people. There is no room to lazy or be classified as a lazy Nigerian youth. To be successful in my career, I have to believe in myself and remain confident that I can make an impact in any chosen field”.

To make a difference, which Briefdaddy emphasizes, has led him to team up with a management company to steer his career toward the attainment of his goal. This he believes will position him to focus on developing his craft as an artist. Though the process of getting a trustworthy and competent management team was quite strenuous, he believes his current management team has what it takes to pilot his career. In his words;

“As an artist, I know for a fact that it is vital to have a manager who clearly understands you, has a detailed knowledge of the entertainment industry and a good network to secure career-boosting deals for his client. When I started making appearances in music videos, it was mainly about taking advantage of the opportunity given to me. I had to make do with what was given to me in terms of payment. I was still a novice then and I had to prove my worth. Also, I did not possess the ability to negotiate deals… so I was quite fortunate to have been approached by Faciendum Agency, a team of young resourceful guys. They gave me a proposal on how they can assist in taking my career to the next level. Though I was quite unsure of signing with them, I was eventually convinced by their vision and belief in my brand”.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is very competitive and demanding. There is a constant emergence of talents, contents and constant demand from fans. The industry is quite unforgiving if one relaxes and fails to develop his/her craft, coupled with the ever-evolving social media space. This may appear to be a challenge, however, it comes with its opportunity and benefits when properly utilized. 

There is more to expect from Briefdaddy. Though he has achieved a relative level of success, there is more work to be done to position his brand in the top echelon of the entertainment industry. An opinion he agrees to;

“I am not at the level where I want to be. I want to be the best and nothing short of that, but, I’m on track to attaining that status. I know it comes with a lot of hard work, focus and diligence. I have a lot of contents that are yet to be released… a big one with a top musician. Be rest assured I won’t fall short of expectation. Also, with my management team and with the presence and support from my fans, I am confident that we can surpass our target”  

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16 Responses

  1. I have been following Briefdaddy for a while now. He is an extraordinary performer. I see a very bright future for him . I hope to see him in the movie industry next .

  2. Since have known briefdaddy he had always been a good and sweet person I look forward to a brighter future for him

  3. Briefdaddy my gee from childhood we struggle in egbeda and I really know u are destined for greatness even with all your support for my music and other things I love you my gee soon u will regraded as the best in Nigeria and Africa

  4. EGBEDA to the World
    I gat you forever Hommie….ain’t need to write an epistle for you to know that I gat you for life 💯

  5. My G from way back…. You are amazing dear and I want you to know that nobody or nothing can dim your light you will and must shine brighter…. Go go go dear you will succeed
    Much love bro

  6. Ever since I av known tobi aka brief daddy he has always made me smile be it through our chat or his videos he is a king

  7. A brother from different mother my gee from day0 m really so glad to see u way forward because I knw very soon our grace will shine ✨✨To the 🌍

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