PART A Detective Kress and Lori welcomed Oliver and Eden to the Red Hill Detention Centre. Eden had anticipated her meeting with Black since she woke up at the hospital. She was in a coma for four days due to excessive blood loss from her gunshot wound. Fred and Black were the first people she […]


PART A Vass landed soundlessly from the ventilation shaft behind two officers guarding the hallway to Phoebe’s room. The disinfectant smell hit her nose as she quietly entered the Intensive Care Unit of Red Hill General Hospital. They would let her in if she had gone through them, but that meant two more loose ends […]


PART A The leathery smell and heavy scent of wood pricked her nose. Birds chirped as Eden pried her eyes open with a soft moan. She became woozy as she lifted her head from the red leather ottoman. A cuff latched around her wrists, causing her to use up more strength than she liked to […]


PART A “Has he been identified?” Kress asked his team as he strode into their Unit room with Oliver. “Yes,” Dash answered. “Jeff Romano is not his real name, which is why we don’t have anything on him. We ran his fingerprint and his real name is Jeff Draven. We have him in the system.” […]


PART A Two weeks went by in a flash and nothing was heard of Black. Kress and his team were starting to think it wasn’t him that attacked Eden. That whoever went after Eden, did so for another reason or it was merely a random attack.  “I am going back home tomorrow,” Eden told Oliver […]


PART A The sun was almost at its peak when they got to the construction site at Wimiler. Detective Danny Kress and Detective Vass pulled into the construction site in a black Ford Explorer, while Oliver and Eden packed the Ferrari behind them. A team of about thirty men laboured under the sun to restructure […]


PART A Eden rolled under the white bed cover before her eyes fluttered open in the unfamiliar room. She sat up like she had just woken up from a bad dream and rolled her eyeballs around the room. Realising where she was, she released her breath and plonked back on the bed. Oliver coerced her […]


PART A “Wow! Easy!” Niles’s pulse spiked as he began to realise why Oliver had advised him to use a seatbelt. He fumbled with shaky hands and pinned the seatbelt across his chest.  “I have to get to 16th street in less than fifteen minutes,” she said, focusing her eyes on the road as her […]


PART A Eden was the first one inside Terra Café. She beelined to the coffee counter to place orders for two iced coffees.  “Aunty Eden!” a tiny voice called energetically while they waited for their coffees. The little girl’s raven hair was packed into two pigtails that bounced after her. She trotted to Eden with […]


PART A Oliver returned to the office to wrap up his to-do list for the day and didn’t take a break until he heard two knocks on the door. After seven years of working with him, he could tell Jane’s knock from any other. It was soft, almost hesitant and she always tapped her knuckles […]