While many may not think of crochet a fast-rising dimension to fashion in our present world, it is one of the successful approaches to fashion. Crochet can be made into different styles of clothing which include dresses, tops, kiddies’ outfits, swimsuits, two-piece sets, beanies, amongst others.

There are various things to consider while making crochet:

1. Yarn: You must use the right yarn to make your designs more attractive to your customers. For example, when you’re making a clothing design for a kid, you must take note of the yarn to use to avoid skin reactions. The yarn used for an adult might not be preferable for a kid. It is important to pay attention to this while selecting yarns to work with.


2. Colour: As a designer, you must know the colour that will work for a top or a blanket. You must also know how each colour reacts to certain conditions like heat and water. You could choose any colour to work with, but you don’t want your crochet to be a mess some weeks after washing it. Colours also bring out the beauty of the design.

3. Hook: Hook determines a lot of things like the gauge, tension and transparency of what you’re working on. These hooks differ in sizes ranging from the smallest to the biggest size. You can choose whatever feels right for your project. Just take note that, the hook used for a blanket might not be the best one to use for a top or a skirt.


4. Kind of stitches: We have the chain stitches, the single stitch, the half double stitch, the double stitch and the triple stitch to name a few. All these stitches help in giving different designs to your project. Just play with different stitches and find what suits your work best.


Crocheting isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it. You can switch in different designs as you want and as you go, you can crochet your designs. Practice and practise until you feel confident enough to publicize your designs. All these are crucial tips to follow while crocheting. So, grab that Hook and Yarn and let’s get hooking!

Afolabi Faith.

Instagram: @woolenstyles

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