And you rubbed on me, melted on me even

The lotion of the sun that rubbed off the skin of the planets cannot see the trickle of the eye that winks when you twinkle your eyes

But I would not wait, I would not see the wry of your wrinkles when you get to the phase because I am standing up high

I eye off this place

High off the notions of saying hi to strangers who are unaccompanied

But I’m the speaker of the truth of my emotions

I feel it, I wanna lay it bare,

Bare my actions as much as my thoughts

I know u can’t see, know you wanna understand

but you cannot and I try to but you cannot see what I cannot see trying

It’s just what I live

Believe or not as much as I try to believe you cannot step in my own category

The category of out of this place,

Getting jolly well out of the proportions of sanity

Sometimes it feels like an obscenity

You cannot enjoy the scenery if you cannot sight what I see

You blow the trumpet of the speakings of your desires into my ears

and I stir, I dance, act like a sire

I leave my code, I hang your coat I put it on, I give you mine, you glue it on.

I put my scarf around your neck

I put a spell on you to never remember my name because that is how I can save you

my love for you is a sacrifice of your admiration of me for a realization of yourself.

My love for you is death in myself.


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