Oh set me on the wings of passion

Let me dive into the metaphoric world of spasms

Let me lash back at my inner secrets and sorrows

Let me sprint back at the endless printers of my accusations

Let me break the splinters that are keeping the broken pieces of my heart together

Cause in the ashes, we shall be reborn

Re-generated, re-created, re-elevated, argh!

We look back to the times, we were playing for the keep

And no, we weren’t playing for the goal and yet the goal was there

When we scored, we thought we failed

When we fail, we look back at the highest scorers,

and dive back to the times when we thought we should be alive.

We couldn’t tell what we wanted to tell but we wanted to tell everyone what we could tell

At every time, we speak of forged ammunition of manifestos that come from different manifestations

And bumps on the road,

We act like we don’t see the goose

And goods are good for the gander, if the gander cannot see the bladder that’s about to bust off the face of the kittens of this world

The case is careless cause they try to caress me with all these different words

They don’t know, they try to arrest me but cannot permit me because I put the peppermint in my mouth

So, when I speak, it’s the fire and breath of dragon freshness

I cool off on this sole terrain

I look at the desert, the sands run between my toes

I pick up the stone, wanna throw it all up

Back in the day, we used to dream of schools that were just stone-throw from our abodes

Approvals are not being given because remuneration has got different names and Monikas

Yet, she puts on a different skirt every night

The lady in red is dancing with me but she cannot see me

She does what she thinks, she thinks what she cannot do

She paints the picture, artwork out of this world, out of imagination

You cannot free your spirit if you’re still tied in the box of your old representations

You gotta take your hands off, bring you back

Snapback, break a neck or die feeling like you wanna die filling

Yes, to be in love sometimes is to dye feelings

Being filled, busted out of these emotions

Cast out of these motions

Making moves but no locomotion

I take myself back to the ways, 

I look at the icy glacier, it breaks and it breaks

I wanna run but I cannot see the chase

I look at these pigeons, they cuckoo they cuckoo

They bend, they do their mating dance

I wish it was that easy, I wish I could have sex in the air

They toss it at me

the postcards of suicide notes, reports, commissions, desperations, submissions

When I box, they say it’s sublimation.

I take my step further, I’m a king

I ride in but who’s about to help me erode this box

Who’s about to break away the chains

Who’s about to unlink this missing link

It’s about time

I thought of naming this but no titles

Titles are too much or too little

Too exposing or too darkened

Yet I knew you would read,

I knew you would see

I knew you would know


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