Nature is life

The essence of life is to blossom

To sprout to greatness

The essence of life is to live and let’s live

A tree cannot make a forest they say

A life lived for others is a life well spent

The true essence of nature

Humanity! The crown jewel of the creator

The essence of his greatness

The essence of man is love

Priceless love

The love for others is the love for self

Why must love be suppressed by avarice

Why must love succumb to religion

Why must love be relegated to the shadows

Why must the existence of love be threatened by it beneficiaries

As it is the duty of a father to protect his offspring

As it is the duty of a mother to nourish her infant

It is the duty of a society to care for herself

Why have we turned a blind eye to love?

Is it the will to amass wealth?

Is it for the satisfaction of carnal desires?

As we clamour for the end of hate

We must look inward

We must uproot the weed

Of self and then water the seed of the commonwealth.


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