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It is an online space for professional or amateur writers, authors or artists to promote their literary works. For more info you can visit our about us page.

Nova Creative Writers is a self-publishing firm dedicated to helping writers, authors and artists develop and grow.

  • Free library
  • Registration of literary work
  • Book cover designs and title ideas
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • Creative writing and content creation
  • PR promotion, packaging and branding
  • Book review
  • Ghost-writing
  • Story developing
  • Tutorship

A ghost-writer writes a book for an author and the author takes all the credit for the work. Our dedicated ghost-writers are here to help you write your story for a reasonable price.

NO, we do not charge any fee to publish. See submission page to see guidelines on how to submit your work.

Novels, short stories, poems, blog posts, graphic novels, webtoons and comic books. We also only publish original fictional works. The only non-fictional work we accept are academic books. We do not accept satires, documentaries, fan fiction or history.

After sending your work to us, it will go through publisher’s review which include originality, plagiarism and standard check. If your book pass the test, it will be reviewed for errors, typos and grammatical mistakes. If it clears these stages, it will be approved for publishing. If your work is not original, it will not be published. You will be notified of our approval or otherwise via email within 10-15 days.

Ensure that your work has been properly edited before you send it. We do not charge for minor errors and typos but if your works requires the help of a professional editor due to improper editing, you might be charged an additional, but reasonable cost for editing.

At Nova Creative Writers, we don’t believe in waiting for the society to give us before we give back. As a way of giving back to the society and encouraging our readers, the tradition is that authors or writers don’t earn from their first book ONLY. Earnings will start coming in after the first book.

Yes, you are merely granting us exclusive right to promote and upload your work.

Ghostwriting, story developing, comprehensive editing, book review and book cover design. If you do not require any of these services, you will not be charged.