I struggled a lot with trying to come up with the best way to write this blog. It is afterall, our first blog in almost a year. I wanted it to be perfect and impactful. I wanted the big bang blog that will pump our beloved readers up. I wanted it to be usual and— you get the gist, I wanted it to be special. And so, I dug around my head for weeks trying to come up with that special blog that would double as a welcome back speech while not sounding too boring to pass easily as a welcome back speech. 

Less than 72 hours to the publication of this blog, I finally had an epiphany that went like this, “Why don’t you start anyhow it comes to you? Start with how getting the perfect topic idea to write about was a challenge because you wanted the perfect topic.” So I picked up my pen laptop and began to write without having the slightest idea where this is going to end. Seriously, right now, as I am typing I still don’t know the point of this blog. 

Come to think of it though, we often get so caught up in wanting to start perfectly that we leave out the most important part, “starting”. I can’t be the only one who gets afraid of stepping out because I worry about what people will say – trust me though, on a regular day I wouldn’t give two cents to care about people’s opinions, especially when you shouldn’t even have one on the matter. But I care what my loved ones think about me, my friends, family, my somebody’s son. So when I want to do something big, I run it by people that I believe want the best for me and sometimes even after they think my idea is brilliant, I still find myself holding back and slowing down to plan and plan. We are so scared of looking like a fool and failing that we hide under the planning phase for too long until we miss our window. 

Think about it this way, you like a lady and instead of you walking up to her and stating your intentions or at least, start by asking her to be your friend, you keep halting to check what you are wearing and when it is not that, it is the “what if”. Oh my Gosh, the almighty what ifs!

“What if she doesn’t like me?”

What if she does?

“What if she shuns me?

What if she doesn’t?

“What if she has a boyfriend?

Dude, what if she doesn’t?

“What if she doesn’t feel the way I feel?

“Well, brother, she definitely won’t be feeling anything if you don’t at least talk to her.

It’s a game of love. As Mark Manson said, you can’t win if you don’t play. (Thank you, Mark Mason. He is one of the reasons I keep playing the game despite many breakfasts) But you guys get my point, right? Enough talking and planning people, let’s start doing. Not that proper planning should be tossed aside completely, in fact, if you don’t plan… you know what comes after. Let’s find the balance between planning and knowing when we are set enough to swing into action. 

You are afraid people will think you are a weird man who loves crocheting, so you bury that passion? Who cares? Are “people” paying your rent? Do what you love. You are a 5-foot tall lady who wants to be a pro basketballer? That might not be the best plan, but hey, if you don’t try you may never know what brave new world awaits you. Step out of your comfort zone. If you stay complacent before you know it, the world has left you behind and it is just you with your 4 dogs and 5 cats living in a house you feel like burning down on some days and going to a job that makes you feel like jabbing a knife in your brain. You hate everything and everyone because you lack a sense of self-achievement.

Oh, would you look at that? My blog turned into something motivational. Well, I hope this helps you to start that business, apply for that job, get that girl and go after that guy. (Honestly, it’s the 21st century. Don’t sit still or keep promenading hoping a guy will see you and walk up to you. Real-life isn’t a day in the life of the Bridgertons. Walk up to the guy, make him look at you, then watch him do the running after because you are a lady who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it). 

This relates to us at Nova Creative Writers because today is the day we decide to stop talking which is why we are launching our second season after the almost one-year hiatus. We are so sorry we took such a long break and we are even more excited to be back. We have a lot of content lined up for this season that we cannot wait to share with you.

What would you do if you can see how people will die when you touch them

Yep! Join us every Saturday for an action thriller series, Precognition written by yours truly, moi. I have been told by my Beta readers that Precognition is one of my best works and that the book is “amazing” (In Capslock). The characters are “lovable” and the “plot twist is so spectacular”. They “see the end coming”.

Let’s get to the blurb, shall we? 

The Man. The Doctor. A Puppy. Two Serial Killers. 

Eden Johnson is an ordinary Veterinary Doctor who wouldn’t mind committing murder to protect those she loves. She has a gap in her memory that she has gotten comfortable with, until now… She would do anything to remember it all. 

Oliver Hastings is a lot of things to different people; a billionaire, a proud psycho, an astute businessman… What they don’t know is his disturbing past that he tries to forget and the uncanny secret he carries. 

When the fate of a stray puppy brings these two unlikely souls together, they had no idea the depth of their shared traumatic past?

Until tragedy strikes again, trapping them in a cat and mouse game with a psychotic killer.

I can’t wait to read your reviews too, so be sure to stop by to read the first episode that will be released on April 8. 

Whew! I somehow managed to say all I want to say and I still don’t have a topic for this blog because it contains a lot of things. Maybe I should just call it fruit salad? Okay, maybe not a fruit salad. How about we focus on the most important part of this blog and call it Step Up. No, that sounds like that dance movie franchise. I am not asking you to dance.

Okay, I think I will just tag it, From the Founder’s Desk. That works, right? Yes, it does. Thank you for agreeing with me. 

It is going to be an awesome season! Oh and, Happy New Year guys!

With love, 

S.A. Trinity 

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  1. Welcome back.
    I always love the way you explain in detail, it’s almost as if I’m watching you write and can see exactly your feelings, though I can’t see them.

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