White, Black, Hispanic, Asian mulatto

American, African, Asian, Latino

Different colour, different skin, billions of people

Yet, same red ichor flows in our veins

Diverse tone, tribe, background

 it’s all just red underneath.

We hurt the same way

What hurts in the south, hurts in the north

As they screamed in their cry for help

If tables were turned

the hands holding the whip would feel the same agony.

The sugarcane farm is far behind us, or is it?

Now we do not stand with our hands tied around a pole,

gnashing our teeth as the whip landed on our backs

Now we stand as victims of death without justice

Target to darting bullets from the gun of a paranoid

For the Melanie we had no control over

While some of us caved because white is right

Even the devil is black

Some proudly wear their skin

Shimmering brown, shining black beauty

We will never stop talking about it,

until the whole world hears

Until they listen

Until we are not scared to walk the street

Until we are not worried when we see the blue and red light on the highway

Today I made a wish

That no human will be searched at borders for skin tone

To see beyond the outer shell

 and see what each of us carry on the inside

Greatness without limitation

Untapped resources in togetherness

To see just one entity

One persona

One race called human.


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