While some are okay with an action or a simple romance plot, people like me are suckers for fantasy movies. Watching a romance movie or action is cool but a drop of fantasy can make all the difference in a movie. A K-drama fan would have seen most, if not all the K-dramas on this list. But if you are not a fan of Korean TV series and you are reading this, I’d like you to put aside the bias for just a minute because this list contains some epic fantasy K-dramas with unique plots and characters that I am positive you will love. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

W- Two Worlds

Imagine waking up to discover that the world you live in exists in a comic book? It’s crazy, right? I know, but such was the ordeal of the main character in this K-drama.  He lives in a world that exists in a webtoon. He was the typical superhero with a traumatic past—this whole family was murdered at once. He was charged with the murder and went to prison for it.  He came out of all that, driven by the determination to find out who killed his family. One night, a man tried to kill him and while he was bleeding out at the gateway of death, a white screen appeared beside him. He reached for the screen and pulled a lady out of it. Who was the lady? How did he pull someone from a screen? What happened when he realized that he was a webtoon character? Watch the movie! It’s just sixteen thrilling episodes!


If you are looking for another mushy romance/love themed K-drama, this might not be the movie for you. This is one of the few K-dramas that isn’t romance-themed; strictly crime and mystery. A detective with the ability to read people’s memories when he touches them teamed up with a criminal profiler to solve the case of a serial killer that seemed to be interested in them. The investigation led the detective back to a mystery in his past. If you love a good mystery, trust me, you want to watch this.


A temperamental but kind-hearted woman was tasked with listening to and resolving people’s grudge by entering their dreamworld as punishment for committing suicide years ago. Her temper made her job a bit difficult, but a mysterious man was sent to assist her. Then, she was given an ultimatum by the leader of the Underworld (Hell) that if her assignment wasn’t completed in three months, she would go to hell. Coincidentally, she ran into a young boy who seemed to have the ability to get people to open up to him and tell him their deepest secrets and worries.


I know the title sounds a bit cheesy but this drama is not all about romance. Sure, there was an under-the-shower kiss scene there but there is more to it. A reality TV producer and a young lady participated in a cryonic experiment. They were scheduled to wake up in 24 hours but due to unforeseen circumstances, they woke up 20 years later! It was not only that, they must maintain a body temperature of 31 degrees Celsius to stay alive.


Walking into a hotel is normal for various reasons, but be careful not to walk into Hotel De Luna. It is a hotel for the dead! The hotel is tied to the soul of a young woman as punishment for the sin she committed thousands of years ago. With a few staff—who are also dead, she manages the hotel, takes care of the need of dead souls and helps them with their unfinished business before they go to the afterlife. All was rosy until she met a human hotel manager.


This K-drama is a fantasy drama that will give you a good laugh and maybe get you a little teary. The god of the water country is the next in line to become the emperor of the gods. But to do that, he must retrieve three divine stones from other gods on Earth. Things got complicated for him when he lost the coordinates to the stones. He met a woman, a neuropsychiatric who is a descendant of the servants of the gods. She didn’t believe in gods or any deity. Will the water god be able to retrieve the stones and solve the mystery of a new god he found on Earth? You just have to watch it.


Angels are not supposed to interfere with human lives except on instruction. Well, one angel wasn’t good with instructions. A talented and successful ballerina had an accident that left her blind for three years. She became very bitter and touchy. Just after she received a cornea transplant and could see again, she had another accident that would have killed her if she wasn’t saved by an angel. As punishment for saving her, the angel was tasked with the duty of finding true love for the lady before he can ascend and go back to heaven. Complication arose when they fell in love with each other. 


This is a legal and crime drama that centres on a young lady who could see the future in her dreams. However, no matter what she did, she could never change the future until she met another man, a prosecutor. After meeting the lady, the prosecutor also developed the same ability. He was conflicted because his job as a prosecutor comes after a crime has been committed, he could not convict people for something they will do in the future. They would soon realize that they had a history together.


This is another crime K-drama laced with fantasy. Lee Ahn developed the ability to read people and things on physical contact after the death of his parents. Lee Ahn was saved by Sung-Mo, who later became a prosecutor and his legal guardian. Together and with the help of Lee Ahn’s ability, they slowly unravelled the strings of murders that happened around them.


A time traveller saw a woman die in the future. To prevent that from happening, he married her, only to further complicate their lives.

There you have them! There are lots of awesome fantasy K-dramas out there for those looking for the extraordinary, but you can start with these.


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