Jonathan McReynolds is without a doubt one of the leading gospel singers in our generation. Kirk Franklin cited him as “the future of Gospel Music” and this isn’t an understatement. Jonathan McReynolds is known for his deep spiritual lyrics and songs that every person, Christian or otherwise can relate to. His purposeful lyrics, precise delivery and standout vocals make him one of my favourite gospel artists. 

His third album “Make Room” debuted number 1 on Billboard Gospel with a historic 1.3 million streams in the first week. The album also earned him two Grammy nominations and 8 Stellar Gospel Music Awards. His second album, “Life Music: Stage Two” also peaked number 1 on Billboard Gospel Albums. 

Born on September 17, 1989, Jonathan McReynolds clocks 31 today. Which is why I have decided to share a list of his songs you should have. In no particular order, I will start with;


I am starting with “Grace” because this song constantly reminds me as a believer how much I depend on God’s grace. A song that juts us away from our wrong way of thinking we can handle everything on our own and bring us to a place of realization of the fact that without God’s grace, we are nothing. “Grace” is part of Jonathan’s latest album, “People” and it peaked 15 on the Billboard.


It is easy for us to become distracted and occupied with daily schedules and struggles. “Make Room” is a promise that despite all distractions and extra-curriculums we will always make room for God. A promise to put God first and let every other thing move over to the back seat.


This is another song I love. We go through some challenges that make us doubt the goodness of God. “God is Good” is a prayer that despite all the battles and struggles we go through, at the end of it, those struggles just prove that God is good. That our battles don’t pull us away from God but bring us closer to God and at the end of it all, our whole life shows how much we need God and prove that God is good.


Another hit from his latest album, “People”, Jonathan McReynolds wrote this song while aboard a flight after hearing a prayer from someone. Sometimes we get so confused about a situation we don’t know how or what to pray for. “Situation” is inviting God to just be in it because when God is in it all things are new and all things will work together for good.


A declaration to the one who loves us first and doesn’t stop loving us even when we stop our praises on Sunday. This is a groovy song that you can dance to each time you think of God’s love and grace.


This is another one of Jonathan’s songs that addresses a prevailing contemporary issue that everybody can relate to. Each of us knows at least one toxic person that love to criticize, hate and troll. They are opinionated and act without thinking about the damage their actions cause other people. “People” is a prayer to be delivered from such toxicity and that people who have been hurt won’t go out to hurt other people.


Cycles” featured DOE and it is the third single in Jonathan’s Make Room album. The single received a nomination for Best Gospel Performance/Song at the 61st Grammy Awards and peaked number 3 on the Billboard chart. Sometimes we get so locked up in ourselves that guilt and sin-consciousness do not allow us to break free from some habits. Just when we think we have overcome them we see them surfacing again. Through this inspiring song, we know that “God’s love is enough to make us new” and end these cycles.


This is also another single from Make Room. “Not Lucky, I’m Loved” peaked number 1 on the Billboard and lasted 18 weeks on the chart. A song that attributes all our success and what may seem like “Luck” to some people to God’s love.


This is the first Jonathan McReynolds’s song I heard back in 2012 and till date, it is still one of my favourite songs by the singer (I’ll admit, when I first heard the song, I wasn’t sure if I was listening to a female’s voice or a male’s. I figured it out eventually when I checked online). Accepting all our flaws and mistakes and knowing that God loves us despite all of those is like the best and the utmost thing every believer should know. Knowing that those times “when I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see” I can still thank God for always loving me. 


Okay! This song never gets old with me. Everybody has a different story, a different background, different origins. However, as believers of God’s love and grace, the one thing that connects us all, the one identity we associate with is Christ!


Cathedral” was birth while Jonathan was on a beach at Mexico and it was released with his album, “People”. He said in an interview that there was a time God was in the Ark of Convent and another time he was in the Garden of Eden but now, he is inside us. We house the Holy Spirit and if we really give him a chance, make room for him, he can make us into a cathedral from a lump of clay. 

Jonathan McReynolds, to me, has no bad songs. If you like even one of the songs I have listed above, you should get all his songs, starting from “No Gray” to “People”. His songs have gotten me through some tough times and I have people around me that can say the same about his songs.

On that note…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN!!! About a hundred years to go! You can do it. You’ve got this!

On behalf of your Nigerian fans,


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