Life can be all smiles and stormy with plot twists in it. You know how they say “everything happens for a reason”? Well, sometimes, it’s because we make bad decisions and we’re somewhat careless in our actions. On some days though “things just happen” without our control over them. On days like this what matters most is how well we react and respond to such events.

For some, you sulk, lick your wounds and resign to fate – a subtle way of saying “I’m just waiting to die”. And for some, you dare to live through the moment – the hardest but the best thing to do in such moments. We live in a world where most people want someone to talk about things for them. We hide from owning up to our flaws and carelessness, using sympathy and empathy as a tool for being mean, lazy and ineffective. This explains why we have more motivational speakers than persons that really need the motivation – because we want the easy route, to stare reality in the face and deny her.

Quit whining and waiting for someone to have pity on you and get you out of your misery. Life no Balance, sadly so, we’re a part of the imbalance of nature. On some days you’re the guilty one, accept it, apologize and seek to either change the situation {if you still can though} or simply learn and purposefully strive to be better next time. Life would do you dirty and treat you in ways you think you didn’t deserve. It’s okay to brood, it’s okay to express the pain exactly how you feel – you’re not weak, you’re just pained and that’s normal. But most importantly, grow through that phase. Don’t let yourself get stuck in it!

The truth is problem go always dey, e no dey finish. At some point in life, we’re all going to fail at one thing – grades, relationship or business. We would feel our world crashing down on us. What’s even sadder is that in some of these moments there would be absolutely nothing we can do or could have done to stop this from happening. Nothing! In a world where we all want to handle situations correctly and pleasing to the eye of others, the true lesson in times like this would be learnt in how best we handled and treated ourselves in such instances. It’s okay if you have to try again and again. It’s okay if you get tired occasionally, and get so crazy and confused on how to even continue. It’s also okay and beautiful to get yourself together and take another shot. It’s okay to make another attempt at making yourself happy again.

Life is like a bowl of fruit salad – a combination of all sorts of fruits, a roller coaster of emotions – good, bad, terrific, terrible, awful, wonderful, a bit of sunshine and moonlight now and then. These moments do not occur to cancel each other out, rather it gives a sort of balance and equilibrium to the order of nature. There would be dark days and there would be bright days. No matter how prepared you think you are, some situations would always catch you unprepared. Brace yourself for impact and just live through it, one moment at a time! Patience is a virtue, healing and growth is gradual and can be quite a breath-taking experience!

However, there is just one thing you must not be guilty of – in your journey to finding your calm, happiness, yourself or whatever your definition of being whole again means. Do not damage someone else’s child just so you could be whole again. This is toxic, this is unacceptable!


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