Here I sit,

Remembering last year like it was yesterday

I remember the way the whole world was in disarray,

Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for even just one sun ray

Like it was just yesterday:

I remember the way humans were watching their fellow humans decay,

Callousness and destruction seemed to be the order of the day

Just like yesterday

The Lord let us see today

A new year feels like just another day

Except today our date ends with a different number arrangement

Just like yesterday

‘Make hay while the sun shines’ they say

But how can you make hay when there’s not even one sun ray?

‘Patience! Patience!’ our religious leaders preach

They tell us to wait

They tell us to be of good cheer

‘It’ll all be over soon’ they say

But ‘soon’ is looking farther the closer we get

We don’t say it

But we know

We’re all too scared to admit we notice

But we know

We’re just scared to let ourselves accept what we truly believe:

That this year won’t be different from the last,

That this year may even be worse than the last,

That there will really be no new beginnings this year.

We don’t want to think of it but we do

That this year may give us even more scarring than the last

But what can we do except to wait?

Wait out the peace and prepare for the storm

For this is a new year.

This is a new dawn.

This a new time.

This is a fresh start.

One we hope will lead us to good fortune,

One we hope to take us to greater heights,

One we pray will be the best we ever had.

For this is a new year,

This is a new beginning,

This a new time,

This a new dawn.

One that can only encourage us to hope and pray even more than we have in the past,

One that can only tell us what to do while we wait out the war,

A war we fear we may not win.

Oh! My fellow mortals,

Do not worry,

Do not fear.

Good things can still happen

For this is a new year

A new dawn

And what better time to have new beginnings than on a new day, a new dawn?

So breathe, relax, eat, sleep, relax

Don’t try to tell God how to behave

There’s no doubt that He can keep us safe.



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