A gift they say is a joy. But what if yours let you know when people will die when you touch them? 

Such is the fate of the male lead of this Action Thriller. Oliver Hastings is a billionaire with a seemingly easy life that lives with an unsettling past he wishes he could forget and a peculiar ability. 

All Eden Johnson had to deal with before meeting Oliver was her cheating boyfriend. That soon got kicked off her list of problems as a serial killer picked a disturbing interest in her. 

These two characters are one of my favourites because they are not what we see every day. Oliver isn’t the obvious sexy billionaire player. Oh no, he has major and deeper issues than that. And Eden is a veterinary doctor with a very high sociopathic tendency. 

She faked a grin in response and shifted to the edge of her seat. “I think I should give you a fair warning, so listen very closely. I didn’t always want to be a veterinary doctor, I wanted to be a psychologist. However, to get the degree I had to take a psych evaluation test. Do you know what the test result said?” she leaned into Oliver. “It said I have a 70 per cent chance of being a sociopath.”   

Oliver’s brow snapped at attention.

“When I have that tendency, do you think I can still be a psychologist?” It was meant to be a rhetorical question, but Oliver shook his head. “Exactly. Hence, the alternate line of profession. So, when you do things like touching me without permission, it unsettles the lid I keep on my sociopathic side,” she said in a low threatening voice. “Do you get the gist?” her gaze fell on Oliver’s hand resting on hers.

He swallowed and lifted his hands off.

Apart from Eden and Oliver, we have other interesting characters; Makayla Johnson, Eden’s elder sister and a fire-breather. 

Makayla pounced on him and pinned him to the floor. “You broke my sister’s heart!” Her fist came down on Jay’s cheek. “You son of a bitch!” She planted another punch and added an extra two before officers were able to pull her off him. It took three officers to restrain her. “If I see you anywhere near her again,” she snapped, “I am going to rip out your tongue and make you swallow it! You hear me?”…

“Don’t think you just did me a favour,” she flashed her finger at Jay. The other officers and Jay took a step away from her. “Your station is five blocks away. If you cross my radar again, you are dead!”

“Ma’am please refrain from making death threats in a police station,” an officer said to her.

“Oh! shut up, lanky!” she spat and brushed the Officer’s shoulder as the others parted for her to prance through.

Yep, you do not want to mess with her sister. Then we have her adorable 8 years old daughter, Althea. 

You’re dating my aunt, aren’t you?”

“No!” he replied too quickly, his eyes bugging out.

Thea angled her head, sucking her lollipop. “I don’t think that is the right answer,” she snickered. 

“I am not dating her,” he affirmed.

“Then, do you like her?”…

Thea grinned and said, “You like her,” as though she read his mind. She shifted forward on her seat and rested her arms on the table. “You are rich, so money won’t be a problem,” she debated aloud. “But rich families tend to be stuck-up, rude, arrogant and straight-up wicked.” She gave Oliver an assessing look. “Well, you don’t seem to be that way,” she concluded, bobbing her pigtails. “You wouldn’t have been able to come back here with my aunt. But the problem is your parents,” she smacked her chin. “The rich have the cliché and narrow idea that only a girl from a rich family can be good enough for their son. They always oppose marriage—

His brows snapped together, “Marriage?”

“—to an ordinary family. The mothers are always evil.”

“My mother is not like that,” Oliver opposed.

“Really?” Thea beamed.


“Oh, nice!”

Oliver smiled and snapped his cheeks back. “Why am I happy about this?” he asked himself.

“If you want to date my aunt, there are three things you should know,” she paused, “except you are not interested so no need.”

He sat up. “What are they?” 

Thea smirked. “It can’t be for free.”

He rolled his eyes and relaxed on the chair. “You peanut-size trickster. What do you want?”

“You are rich and you have connections, so you should be able to get it.”

“What is it?”

“Tickets to Disneyland. Two.”

He scoffed. “Two tickets to Disneyland? Do you think they are movie tickets you can get anywhere?”

Thea shrugged.

“Fine,” he waved his hand. “I will get them for you.”


“Now, tell me.”

“You promise? You can’t go back on your word,” Thea flashed her tiny fingers.

“I won’t.”

Then we have Niles, Oliver’s best friend who has a long life and would do anything to keep it that way.

“Why are we going to 16th street anyway?” Niles asked.

“She wants to save her friend,” answered Oliver.

Another abrupt change of track and Niles’s shoulder bang the car door panel. He clenched his teeth, rubbing his shoulder. “What?”

“Her friend will die in about twenty minutes.”

“How…?” He whipped his face back to Oliver, “You touched her? You saw her future?”

“Future?” Eden snorted.

“But that can’t be changed,” Niles said, swinging aside as Eden veered from behind a BMW and over-took it.

“We— she stopped one last week. She prevented a death,” Oliver clenched his teeth, “and murdered my car instead.” 

Eden folded her lips and guiltily peeped at him through the rear-view mirror. 

“Seriously?” Niles gawked at Eden. “You are unusual.”

She replied with a smirk. “More unusual than the person who can see when someone will die upon physical contact?” she huffed.

Niles looked back at Oliver. “She has a point.”

Eden saw a traffic light about to change to red and floored it. 

“Red light! Red light! Red light!” Niles tapped her frantically and gripped her arm.

Where do they get these babies? “Let go of me!” She tugged her arm away and sped across the crosswalk before the red light blinked on. 

“God!” Niles heaved, sweating. “Who do you think you are? Vin Diesel?” 

“I am more of a Transporter kind of girl,” she replied, keeping an attentive gaze on the road.

“Transporter? Jason Statham? What do you like about him?”

“What is there not to like?”

“He doesn’t have hair.”

“Neither does Vin Diesel.”

“He speaks unclearly.”

“You are speaking unclearly,” Eden chaffed.

“Can you stop talking about guys that drive in movies like they have a bank vault of lives?” Oliver objected.

“Bus! Bus! Bus!” Niles slapped Eden’s shoulder with his left hand, shooting his right forefinger at the bus about to join the freeway.

“I can see it!” she slapped his hand away. “Stop the side seat driving and let me concentrate.” She threw him a glance and clicked her tongue, shifting her butt on the car seat. If her friend’s life wasn’t at stake she could sleep off behind the wheel of this beast. 

“Why aren’t you slowing down?”

“She will probably increase her speed instead,” Oliver braced himself. Like he read Eden’s mind, she slammed her foot on the accelerator. “I forgot to revise my Will,” he groaned.

“I have not written mine!”

“Don’t worry. I told you, you won’t die until you are a wrinkly old grandpa,” Oliver said.

“That will change if she keeps driving like this is GTA. Slow down!” he screamed at Eden. 

“You scream like a girl, do you know that?” Eden eyed him through the corner of her eyes. She throttled up and drove past the bus before it connected with the freeway

Niles puffed air, realising he had held his breath. He threw his face at Eden and barked, “What the hell is wrong with you?! Stop driving like a psychopathic maniac!”

“She’s a sociopath,” Oliver chimed in. 

Niles faced him in shock and shifted his gaze back to Eden, hoping she would deny it. She didn’t, instead, she curved the corner of her lips in a frightened smile that fanned Niles’s worry. “Pull over right now! I want to get out of this damned car!”

Follow the journey of these enthralling characters as they confront their past to live with their present. 

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  2. Trinity knows my Kind of books and she wrote this for me 🤗. This teaser is fast paced, intriguing and suspense ridden. I’m buckled up for a wild ride and going to enjoy every minute of it!!!

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