This prickly heart of mine

Once loving, so full of life

Pounding, with fervor

Easily charmed, with no fear or doubt

Ever welcoming, too believing

Loving fully, without hesitation

This was my heart, my sweet heart

But she fell, into the wrong hands she fell

And as with all things that fall,

She was splayed out, shattered,

Deeply wounded and bruised

And not one offered to nurse her

To make her whole again

So quickly it was forgotten

That mine was a sweet, loving heart

It happens! Nothing new! they said

Not the first to be dealt a bad hand, they said

At that moment, it hit her

She was on a lone journey

For no one will help

No one cared enough

She was left without a choice

And so from deep within

She mustered the strength

The strength to survive

She tended to her wounds

And with time they became scabs

But her scabs did not give an escape

It was picked on, gnawed at

Causing her to relive her injuries

To remember the pain

And the scabs became scars

These scars are thorny

And so my heart, once sweet

Has become prickly

Ever wary of the dangers

As cautious as can be

But waiting, patiently

For the one deserving of her

This prickly heart of mine

Has learned to guard itself.


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