When my heart felt heavy

And my soul cry out in pains

My body run from pillar to post

Seeking for what could fill my void

And cover my emptiness

Just so I could stand on my feet again

The more I seek the more I realize nothing could

Every attempt made me crave for more

Gifted myself with the most beautiful things of life

All that money could buy gave me more emptiness

Words of men only cut through me but could not heal

Just when the pains become unbearable 

And the void grow deeper

I cried all day and night, hoping and believing help will come

Just then I heard the psalmist scream out

“From hence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord”

Knowing this filled a part of me 

Even before I approached your presence I was healed

Filled to the brim and overflowing 

So filled that I run over

I forever remain grateful to you, LORD JESUS.

Favour Wih

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