They say those who love the most hurt the most

That never stopped her

Without bars, she loved

Without holding back, she gave as much as she could.

With heavy steps, she walked toward uncertainty

With opened arms, she embraced it

It will be better the second time around she told herself

It is okay to let their worlds collide

It must be fate.

Then it all changed…

She was sure the scars would never fade

Without a doubt, the frozen heart will never melt into another

But like the circle of time

With steady thuds, it progressed towards her again.

Like a train without a break, universe met

He was the light and the darkness

Fire and water

The gravity she could not defy

The storm that came without warning.

With a force bigger than his size, he pulled her in

Into the vicious circle

Her head told her to run but her beating heart grounded her

A temporary bliss

A temporary joy

Until he is gone again, like a sandstorm.


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