Seraphs – The Awakening



We all want to be more than we are…but what would you do if you were actually
not HUMAN?

For Nora Bennett that question never crossed her mind. As an only child
of a widowed mum and with good friends, she was perfectly alright with her life. A night at a bonfire changed all that and revealed her true identity.

An unexpected villain
Still reeling from the shock of who she was, an unexpected foe is hot on Nora’s
heels for reasons she knows nothing about.

With the help of new allies and an
unexpected love, will Nora be able to reconcile with who she really is and face her
worst fears?

6 Responses

  1. I honestly can’t believe a Nigerian wrote this. I hope it gets produced into a movie one day. A movie produced outside Nigeria.

    Awesome work Miss. Trinity

  2. Well-crafted. The writer’s ability to use simple words and still maintaining the required literary prowess is exceptional

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