Seraphs – The War Games




 With shocking revelations coming to light and powers revealed, Nora Bennett has settled into a rhythm in her new school and world. The WAR GAMES is the highlight of Seraphs Academy this year and Keelan, the highlight of Nora’s heart.

A foe not seen

Someone is taking out the Nephilims and all eyes are on the Seraphs, putting the War Games in jeopardy. Ultimatums are set as the law must not be broken! Keelan and Nora must race against time to find out who is behind it, but will that be the end as there are foes not seen….

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  1. Hahahahhahahah!!!!!!!
    I burnt my meal reading book one …
    Now I am in my cave with my bed lamp reading book 2….lol.. Nora here I come !!!!!!

  2. I have just one thing to say…where is the next book please?????

    This is superbly awesome!!!!

  3. I can t help it… I wee say it… This book blew me to pieces … Norabel face to face Asmodeus…. Chai…. Abeg!! Y’all too awesome …I cldnt make my meeting cos I was stuck on the book.

  4. This is by far the best fantasy novel written by an African writer, I don’t care if anybody disagrees. The details, suspense, relatable characters, unexpected twists and cliffhangers in book 1 and 2… S.A. Trinity is the queen of Cliffhangers!

  5. She is indeed the queen of Cliffhangers! Trinity, why you go and do that?! 😭😭 End book 2 there? 😯😟 I saw the series on Wednesday and completed the 2 books just now.
    One question though, when is book 3 coming out. The end is sick!

  6. I am really waiting for book 3 Trinity, want to know how Nora will come out, is ending of book am talking about, book 2 is even something else. Great work Trinity 👍👏👏

  7. All hail the Queen of Cliffhangers 🙌🙌 I kept trying to turn to the next page on the last page😂 Trinity, any chance we might get book 3 spoiler??
    This will make a box office movie one day.
    Dope plot!

  8. Thanks guys! Words can’t express how happy I am, reading your comments. I have been busy with other unreleased novels, which is why I have not gotten to Seraphs Book 3.
    But, it should be out before the end of the year.
    Hiram, you want a spoiler? ☺️ Okay, I will give you one…or two. A character is going to exit the stage and new villains will rise. 🤫
    Thanks for the read guys!
    Keep being awesome!

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