Formed from his side

While he lay deep asleep

Not knowing how she was made

But when he saw her, he knew she was his

Beautifully and perfectly formed, he said

Having the form of no other but her maker

Shaped uniquely to beat his taste

And beyond his expectations

Her parts though like his, but different

He could see her beautiful eyes steer at him

Her smile made him feel alive

And her presence gave him companionship

Though she was from his side

Not to be his maid but mate

To serve and control with him

But he disagrees

He could lay between her legs to make his little ones.

Her breast and hands nurtured them for him

That’s where she belongs and all she is good for, so he thought.

Just because he could not hold her down, she became his competition.

And then

She always saw herself beyond what she was

She was more than she was

She could feel the need to love someone of her kind

The world saw it as profane

She saw it as the true expression of her nature

She realized the ignominy of her desire

When those she called blood sent her to the goal

She met comrades alike

She felt their pain

She wept…she vowed to not relent

She held on to her conviction

She knew her trials was destined

She hopes for liberty

She is the symbol of the oppressed!


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