Tick tick tick tick tick

Goes the big clock on the wall

So slowly like it was enjoying itself 

While I waited helplessly for you,

I laid so quietly on the bed 

Staring at the ceiling like something hidden was there

Shifting my eyes from the ceiling to the door and back

Hoping that you will walkthrough

Rushing to lay next to me

Holding me so firm in your arms 

Protecting me with your body as a child scared of the dark

But the door never opened 

Yet I stayed so quiet 

So I could hear every sound 

Just to be sure when you finally come

I still hope you will, but you never did 

You chose to die in the cold hands of war

Than right by my side 

Still believe you will come back, my lover

And so I chose to wait

Though time passes away fast

Drawing me very close to death

I am still waiting for you to come home.

 Favour Wih

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3 Responses

  1. The horrors of war
    A Lover waiting earnestly for a Love that would never be
    these are the joys that war brings
    the gladness that death breeds

    1. The merriment that comes with the news of death
      And then the eagerness in the heart of a waiting lover
      Knowing fully well that her beloved may never return.

      My case here is different,
      My most beloved will rather fight for his country
      Than love me.

      1. How hurting and sadly beguiling
        And yet
        You cannot but openly edge him on
        As asking him to come to your arms for a cuddle when the nation faces a great peril would be seen as an act of sabotage to the nation.
        You’re left to the tears of solitude

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