It all started like a joke
How you would chase me round
Knowing exactly what you want
Finally you decided to get serious
And went the right way about it
It felt so good saying yes to you
Though sometimes I was scared
But what could I do
You were my first and best
Had my sweetest of memories with you
Your jokes even in your absence still made me laugh
Just the way your touch still do
Today they no longer feel the same
It felt like you grew thorns over the years
And planted the seed of bitterness in you
That you no longer taste like what you use to
The punches and slaps on wrong spots
The hateful words and your silence
Made me remember how we started
And just how we got here
Should I just walk away?
And save you from the punishment of sending me to my early grave
Or should I stay hoping you be a better person again
What would people say about me?
About my little ones.

Favour Wih

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6 Responses

  1. Is high time to stop thinking of what the people will say, think and do what is best for you. No matter the decision people will still talk. 🤷‍♂️

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