System Flusher

 Drug Dialogue: System Flusher

’Hello, Pharm.’’


‘’Please I have an infection, can you cut one capsule of ampiclox for me? beecham to be precise. I want to flush my system’’

Antibiotics do not ‘flush’ the human body. Ampiclox is not a ‘system flusher’, be it beecham or any other brand.

Antibiotics are medicines that help stop infections caused by bacteria, either by killing the bacteria or by preventing them from replication or reproduction. There are several classes and types of antibiotics.

A lot of people use antibiotic as they please or deem fit, such indiscriminate use is a major cause of antibiotic resistance. You can guess what this means: yeah! It is simply a situation where an antibiotic is not as effective as it ought to be or even stops working.


A very long time ago, before the discovery of antibiotics, people died from common bacterial infections that we take for granted today. In recent times, the gloomy trend has become even more precarious as many antibiotics are no longer effective against bacteria that were once susceptible to them! So you can imagine if this trend goes on and new drugs are not discovered, the world might be thrown back to ‘pre-antibiotic’ times.

How can you slow down the pace?

1. Only use antibiotics when prescribed by a certified healthcare provider like your Physician or Pharmacist. Don’t self-medicate. The essence of this is that antibiotics are often not used for what you think you should use them for. Not all infections or symptoms of infections are caused by bacteria. They may be caused by virus, fungi, etc hence proper diagnosis is required.

Use antibiotics as prescribed.

2. Use antibiotics as prescribed. For example, if you have a prescription that says; take one capsule every 8 hours for 5 days. You shouldn’t decide to use the medicine three times daily, whenever you want. It must follow the 8-hour time interval. There are medical jargons to explain this, but the simple reason is that a concentration of the drug ought to be in your body system per time for it to be effective. Strictly following the time interval ensures this.

Furthermore, don’t stop taking the drug ‘when you feel better’. The essence of this is also not farfetched. A certain concentration ought to be in your body per time for a required period. When you abruptly stop taking the drug, you give the bacteria time to regroup and re-strategize, so to speak. They multiply (they don’t waste time) and over time, they can find a means of protecting themselves from the antibiotic. What this invariably does is that, the antibiotic may not be as effective against the infection again. Even if you don’t like swallowing drugs, think of the greater good, and see yourself as a hero, doing their part in saving the world! We could name you ‘BugKila’: terror to all superbugs and mini bugs alike” (if that helps)

3. Don’t share antibiotics. I know there is love in sharing, but there is no love in sharing antibiotics. What is good for the goose may not be good for the gander! Each person should get their own prescription because similar symptoms do not necessarily mean the same drug will be prescribed. Also, there are several factors to be considered before medication is prescribed. So, if you are not a certified prescriber, you have no business doing the work of a prescriber. Rather, do the work of a ‘Bugkila’- educate others on the need to avoid indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you that antibiotics do not flush the system!

I hope you now know that going to the Pharmacy to ask for one capsule for flushing is a no-no! Your body system is not even a water closet!

If you have any questions, talk to your Pharmacist or Physician.

I Care for you.


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