“Life is a race.” “Life is a competition and if you don’t run fast enough, you’ll get trampled upon.” “Successful people don’t sleep” More often than not, we get so accustomed to the thought of how work and more work is all we need to be successful that we go through life trying to exist […]


To the unnamed ones  Whose story ended before it began A moment of pain or passion that burned  That decision to never be yours to make Painlessly put away like it never mattered  Forcefully ejected like an unrepentant debtor With bones shattered, to the bin it was sent And dreams intact to the Maker returned […]


Somewhere between beauty and Magic Somewhere between fierce and Mild Is a brown skin girl With thoughts unclear As to mankind’s emergence Of her Glow and awe Somewhere between wild and Wonder Somewhere between nature and fiction Is a Coloured girl with dreams so big Yearning for a platform in this world of ours Societal […]