PART A “Wow! Easy!” Niles’s pulse spiked as he began to realise why Oliver had advised him to use a seatbelt. He fumbled with shaky hands and pinned the seatbelt across his chest.  “I have to get to 16th street in less than fifteen minutes,” she said, focusing her eyes on the road as her […]


PART A Oliver returned to the office to wrap up his to-do list for the day and didn’t take a break until he heard two knocks on the door. After seven years of working with him, he could tell Jane’s knock from any other. It was soft, almost hesitant and she always tapped her knuckles […]


PART A “Mr Hastings,” the valet, with a belly too big for his ash uniform, smiled as Oliver stepped out of his Benz.  “Rex, hi.” He buttoned his suit and tossed his car key to Rex. “How was your night?” he asked with a friendly smile.  “Well, I have twin babies, sir,” the corners of […]