Classy was my daily desire Beauty to the eyes that behold it Pain was a disciplinary measure Trust like shattered glasses Pleasure was the sexual endpoint Sophisticated regret at last Betrayal hits the limelight of the era Success is measured by pretence Recognition is the reigning flamboyance Depression our new headache Secrecy is the biggest […]


Strange it is how your words I seem to doubt I long to believe Yet my heart yearns away from you You delight in secrecy Betrayal rises like the midday sun Unending are your lies Little wonder you have trust issues Heartbreak from a lover from the days gone by You resent the “L” word […]


Rain rain go away Come back again another day This was one of the songs we sang While we played in the rain As children, with so much innocence When our presence was still valued And our innocence protected at all cost No matter who was involved Our price was far above what money could […]


Walked against all oddsFighting and hoping it was worth itDown on my knees wanting nothingStruggling just so we could smileBelieving the end of this hustle will be nothing but winsDancing like we never failedAfter falling several times to our facesDespite been mocked and pushed by othersGlad we never had to stay downThough the rules were […]


It all started like a jokeHow you would chase me roundKnowing exactly what you wantFinally you decided to get seriousAnd went the right way about itIt felt so good saying yes to youThough sometimes I was scaredBut what could I doYou were my first and bestHad my sweetest of memories with youYour jokes even in […]


This one’s for you The one with the stress-free shy smile With wild laughs and an unbothered persona, Your dark sheen radiating your endless happiness Your resilience self-powering your dreams fearlessly ACU’s Media Lawyer This one’s for you. The child with cute squinting eyes Whose giggles and laughs are oddly simple Chairman’s very own sissy […]