Rain rain go away Come back again another day This was one of the songs we sang While we played in the rain As children, with so much innocence When our presence was still valued And our innocence protected at all cost No matter who was involved Our price was far above what money could […]


This one’s for you The one with the stress-free shy smile With wild laughs and an unbothered persona, Your dark sheen radiating your endless happiness Your resilience self-powering your dreams fearlessly ACU’s Media Lawyer This one’s for you. The child with cute squinting eyes Whose giggles and laughs are oddly simple Chairman’s very own sissy […]


Tick tick tick tick tick Goes the big clock on the wall So slowly like it was enjoying itself  While I waited helplessly for you, I laid so quietly on the bed  Staring at the ceiling like something hidden was there Shifting my eyes from the ceiling to the door and back Hoping that you […]