At the time I was given this topic, I thought of doing exposé on multiple ways to be a Billionaire but I soon realized that some people might run into me while struggling to board an Obalende-CMS bus. Thus, I’ll become one of those motivational speakers that have written on getting wealth but are still searching for money to get published. Motivational speaker wey dey commit suicide! This paper would not necessarily teach “steps” to make money, but hopes to give a better understanding of who the enemy is in a person’s journey to financial freedom.

As a young adult, I’ve always thought the goal was to be wealthier than the next person. I soon realized that the goal of the next person was also to be wealthier than me. We both had the same goal and thought of each other as rivals, as enemies that must be outshined!

Since childhood, society has ingrained in us a false reality that success is when you outshine someone else. Little wonder our parents always wanted us to top the class, be ahead of our neighbour’s child. They in turn also admonished their wards to come first ahead of us. It is a little wonder that the caste system thrived for the longest time in India. So much rivalry has been preached that many have lost sight of the goal – to be a better person, and formed a new goal – to lord the next person! All these for unhealthy bragging rights.

Enough of us milking each other dry to get an edge at financial freedom, we share a Common Enemy already. What if we team up and build each other up while financially profiting from it? Yes, I know our growth-rate would vary, but we would all grow. What if the gentlemen from Wall-street understand that if it’s okay for them to influence the Stocks? Then it’s super okay for Reddit folks to edit GameStop’s Stocks too! The sky is big enough for us all to fly. We’ve all tried individual living, see how much progress we have had. Enough of thinking of each other as the enemy in the struggle against poverty.

What if the government understood that her youths are only trying to live an impactful and valued life? Having invested so much in personal growth, what if they receive cryptocurrency trading as a positive change needed in this ever-evolving world, instead of seeing it as an affront and rebellion to an age-long system in the money market. Her youths are not the enemy! We’re all just trying to break out of a vicious cycle. What if they realized that making harsh policies and regulations would cripple us more than making us soar as a nation? That these would push us back into the retrogression and backwardness we’re trying to break free from.

Enough of the Dog-eat-Dog Policies. Adulthood is tough on us already. Nigeria is a scary place to be in now – from a government that “discusses” with bandits and crackdown on peaceful protesters, a government that would “broker peace” with extremists and go to court with a harmless protester, a government that wants us to go to farm even when the farm isn’t safe, to a neighbour that shouts “Holy-Ghost fire” when a neighbour’s house is literally on fire {what happened to “Blood of Jesus”!}

We’ve mastered the art of walking the corridors of wealth with watchful and weary eyes. We are always on the lookout for our neighbour’s next move, or on a mission to beat him to “it”. Life has become a race, a boxing match where we all seek to knock out the opponent to win the title. I am not the enemy, my neighbour is not the enemy either. In the end, we’re all just trying to make out a living and convert value to cash. It doesn’t have to always be a competition. You do not have to need my poverty to be wealthy or remain wealthy. The sky is big enough for all the stars to shine. Any system, body or individual that needs to impoverish others to get power or remain powerful is a failure, an embodiment of the enemy. Stop facing the wrong opponent!

It’s not about conquering your neighbour, it’s about conquering that negative orientation that teaches one to be greedy, to have it all to oneself. It’s about that negative mantra that says there must be a loser before one can be deemed a winner. It’s about erasing the thought that makes you feel bad and averse to the growth of your neighbour. The thought that makes you want to shrink others to feel big and makes you want to inconvenience others because you think they do not deserve that win. That feeling of scorn and disdain that makes you want to make others pass through a type of suffering and hardship simply because you passed through it! Just because you had it rough and tough doesn’t mean every other person MUST have it the same way. That feeling of disgust you have simply because you’re not the rave of the moment. That idea makes you so greedy so much that you have no regard for the mental, physical or financial wellbeing of your neighbour so long as you lead the pack. That is the enemy, that is what you should be up against.

Stop fighting me, I am not your enemy. We are all struggling and just want to win at life. Like me, I pray you win in all the places that scare you too.


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6 Responses

    1. Especially when there is enough Meal to go round. And there really is enough Meal when you look Closely.

  1. Life has become a race that even players, on the same team, would tend to blow off each other’s candle, rather than see the other succeed.

    It’s sad that this has been ingrained in us over the years. However, I’ll only hope that, in no time, we’ll unlearn this toxic behaviour.
    Thus, I concur that we shouldn’t be our own enemy.

    Such an important topic to talk about. Great Job.

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