“I pray thee, O God that I may be beautiful within.”-Socrates

The word beautiful has been overwhelmingly used but still misunderstood.

Beautiful: possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc., delighting the senses or mind.

Beauty is something that few understand and fewer possess. You can do more than see it, it is felt within you. It is the expression of your soul in the light. (Source: urban dictionary)

Not only is this word overused, but it is also highly misunderstood and misinterpreted to say the very least. I’d rather not bore you with my episode of revelation on how I never saw myself as beautiful and how I see myself as beautiful now. That will be an incomplete truth or an adulterated lie; whichever way, it’s simply not true.

Beauty is so complicated yet so simple. Otherwise, how do you explain beauty in darkness? Beauty is the only thing that all five senses can interpret. A journal published in 1965 by American Philosophical Quarterly written by Francis J. Coleman argued that smell, taste or touch can be beautiful, even though at that time aestheticians exclude smell, taste and touch from their definition of beauty. And if that stands, then we can’t enjoy the experience of a “beautiful’ place. Visual alone doesn’t sum up the memory of a place, but also the smell, feel and sound associated with the place.

Now you should see that beauty can be felt with eyes closed. We have belaboured visual beauty to mean the sum of beauty and I think it’s time we shift from that.

This explains why people will risk dying from various complications that may arise from cosmetic surgery and still go ahead with it. It is why a lady will subject herself to a surgeon’s scalpel thirty-three different times. It is also the reason why a young teen wants to do all sorts for money just to save enough for that surgery to look a certain way. Who do we blame? I’d like to remind you that beauty is not instantaneous, you don’t achieve it in a day. I guess that is why they keep going back for more surgeries. No wonder Socrates said that prayer. 

Beauty is an outward pour from an overflow on the inside. I wish you find out sooner than later that craze for perfection doesn’t have a termination date or destination. You want to know why? It’s because you’ll keep looking, you’ll keep shifting the goal post and it’ll never be enough. 

A young woman in the corner of her room was happy and confident a minute ago until she saw a picture on the social media. Now she’s standing in front of her mirror, seeing all her visual imperfections as a flaw and a stumbling block to her “beauty”. The young man that is going all out and has subjected himself a willing guinea pig to his drug trials. If only they will stop and redefine beauty for what it truly means and see it for what it really should be. If only they would realize where it matters the most: on the inside.

 The only way to do that is to make a conscious effort to see the beauty in you every day because it is in you. You are what beauty is, so feel beautiful.

Oh! Lest I forget, the side effects are just the right dose of confidence, self-esteem, poise and elegance. I’m sure you can manage them.

Now let’s say the prayer as Socrates did.

I pray thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within.


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  1. Beautiful Piece no doubt from a beautiful soul…. God never made what wasn’t good enough… And when He was done with creation, He was satisfied with all what He made and He said They were GOOD and that includes you and I…. We should see ourselves from that POV.

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