It’s the International Day of Youths—a day where the world celebrates youths for their strides and efforts in building a life for themselves and their contributions to the growth and advancement of humanity. The average life of contemporary youth is filled with chaos disguised as responsibilities and expectations that have marred and scarred the lives of many.

We find ourselves in a fast-paced world that has made adulthood more chaotic, making the transition into adulthood another difficult task. Youths find themselves constantly on edge, trying to fit in and meet the current standard set by society. The majority have forgotten to care for themselves and the things that truly matter. We find ourselves endlessly racing against time, so much so that we breeze past our youthfulness without really being a youth.

Certain toxic, unrealistic standards have been set as the guiding compass for being a young person. With nerve-crumbling expectations from everybody, the focus has been on becoming successful (money being the only determinant of success) and this has driven the majority of youths around the world to delve into heinous crimes and justify the same with the end result of having money. There is that pressure to make it in your youth. While this is commendable, one must be cautious not to be hasty so much so that they merely exist in their youth instead of living their youth. It’s a crazy world we live in. The Cancel Culture, Get-Rich-Quick Syndrome, Loner Mindset, Love-does-not-Exist Culture, and Hardcore Syndrome sum up the toxic traits in today’s world that eat up one’s life as a youth. We easily get carried away by any of these when faced with the world’s harsh realities.

Being a youth is being human– appreciating the process of growth, understanding that failure is also part of life, and that you’re still evolving. It is time we understood that midlife crisis and pre-adulthood craze are part of life because you don’t have to figure it all out before a certain age. Having your heart broken and trying again (this includes career and other areas of your life beyond relationships) is part of the process and not necessarily commercializing your passion, as you understand that not everyone aspires to be wealthy or great — some just want to be able to live and breathe freely, appreciating your journey while respecting the struggles of others, because we’re all on different parts. Accept that it is okay to feel lost from time to time. Regardless of the raving chaos and madness, it is equally okay and vital to rest, breath, love yourself and appreciate the gift and energy of being a youth.

So, here’s to us, the ones who are high up there making youths all around the world proud. The ones with hopes and aspirations for a better tomorrow, trying so hard to break free from whatever it is that’s holding them back. The ones who are at a phase right now and just winging it without knowing what to hope for. The ones who are just there, wondering whether or not their whole life is a mistake. The ones who are eager to design the world with their colours. To the ones already living the dream, the ones hoping and working towards living the dream, and the ones whose dreams are just to be and appreciate the niceties of life. To the numerous youths around the world, you are seen, you are valid, you count and you are appreciated.


Dhesert Chequer

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