Many a time, you hear people saying life is a bitch, but I bet they haven’t met her. They say life is complex, I bet they haven’t approached it like a professional. The truth is that life is not what people erroneously take it to be. Indeed, Ayé dún ju oyin lọ (Life is sweeter than honey) One’s attitude to life is what determines how it reacts.

One cannot take life too formal and expect it to be colloquial. Life is what one makes of it. A popular adage says, if the owner of a calabash calls it worthless, people will surely use it to pack rubbish. Therefore, we should stop making mountains out of this molehill called LIFE. We should stop living in the shadows. Even though living in the shadow looks like a safe place to be because, on the face value, it looks like the panacea to most of life’s nagging problem. No harm for your perceived competitors, no harm for you too but the world is evolving and it is the time step out of the shadow and enjoy LIFE. Living in the shadows will only make LIFE more complicated in the long run.

If you have things bothering you, speak and stop bottling your feelings. You can never tell who is ready to help. Remember, we find love in the most hopeless place 80% of the time.

Life is sweet, no one can bring you down unless you give in. Don’t rely on people for your happiness because the best of joy is the one that comes from within. Respect your inner spirit. If you observe something you do is not working for the goodness of your spirit, shun it and follow your ORÍ. That is why the Yorùbá people say ‘Orí ni à bá bọ ká fi òrìṣà sílẹ̀’

Meaning we should worship our inner spirit instead of idols and remembering to worship one’s inner spirit amounts to staying true to oneself and avoid comparison and sheer competition with others

Life is too sweet, live it to the fullest and don’t allow anyone’s negativity. Dig deep and you will find happiness smiling on you like the sun. Life is too sweet, pray for your enemies and embrace your lovers. Life is too sweet, be mentally tough and stop being a weakling. Character is not what you do when you are up and fine, it is what you do when you are down and how fast you get back on your feet.

Life is too sweet, stop blaming others for your problems, take responsibility for your life. Always know that problems are part of what makes us human, how we react to it is what determines our character like I said earlier. That is why the Yorùbá people say Ìgbà ogun là ń mọ akíkanjú that is, courageous people are known when there is war.

Life is too sweet, always smile and ooze confidence because it is one of the best ways to live fine. A smiling face gives you strength and belief. No matter how big your problem is, putting up a gloomy face doesn’t solve it, like the Yorùbá adage says “Ojú pípọ́n ò tan iná SÌGÁ” that is, red eyes cannot light a cigarette. Only lighter can. The lighter in practice is your smiling face and winning mentality. Life is very sweet, make peace with it and be the best you can be. You only live once.

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