Heal the world

To all the colourful skins and races scattered across the globe. To all the ideologies filling up our minds and religious beliefs forming our moral compass. To all the busy minds and souls surfing this beautiful planet, I hope you write this message somewhere in the pages of your heart. I hope you never forget the admonition of the King of Pop to “Make this world a better place”.

I know the days are dark, the times are scary and filled with so much darkness. I know the thought of the days ahead mostly scare us, that we fear for what our children would become and our faith in a healthy future is shaky. We wake up to hear hundreds die, so much it is no longer news. A happy-trigger cop brutally squeezing or kneeling life out of an individual or a teenage girl been assaulted and violated sickens and haunts us even to our dreams and we oftentimes wonder when we would be next.

I hope that amidst all the pandemic, bloodshed embedded in violence and the senseless quest for power, we care enough for the living and make the world a better place. I hope we become intentional about growth and peace, that we learn to love and co-exist with each other regardless of our differences in colour, tribe, religious beliefs, race and political ideologies. I hope we know that there are better ways to get what we want out of life without hurting each other.

I hope we say farewell to arms and strife, the police brutality, the systemic racism, and violation of a woman’s right to dignity. I pray we put an end to bitterness, anger and hate, fueled by greed, corruption and sheer callousness. I pray that we activate that part of our hearts that is love and pass on a better legacy to our children.

To all the people of colour and races globetrotting the earth. To all the souls living life at the edge of the sea or in the comfort of their home. To all the ideologists and clerics spreading their mantra and gospel across our planet. To all of humanity and every soul walking the earth, I hope we make a little space, and make the world a better place, turning our world into a sort of Neverland – a place of beauty, tranquillity and love.

In a world where we have too many choices and a free will to choose, I hope we care enough for the living and choose to HEAL THE WORLD!


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4 Responses

  1. This is a very touching piece of writing😭….. Very relatable and easy to understand too 👏👏

  2. Wow! Good job, we need more of this at the moment. I love your simplicity and clarity in language.
    Keep it up.🙌

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