This blog will be brief and straightforward. See, I used to despise the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ‘ because it constantly filled me with misery and shame whenever I saw it. How can one man possibly go through all of that? Worse yet, my Sunday school teacher and my parents said it was for my sake. How could I still be messing up this much? Oh, how I despised the film.

Forget the representations of Jesus on the cross with his well-carved, dazzling body and a cut to his side that you always see on crosses in church or around. No, Jesus’s body wasn’t like that on the cross. During Roman’s scourging, the criminal would be stripped naked, tied and flogged publicly. Their whips were made of shard glasses and blades that would rip the flesh off the skin of the criminal with each stroke. That was what they did to Jesus. Then came the crown of thorns. It wasn’t a figurative expression; it was a real crown of thorns, mocking Jesus as the King of the Jews. As a result, The Passion of the Christ is the only film that shows Jesus’ harrowing trip to the crucifixion.

However, a few years ago, it was one of those days when you wondered why you even had a DSTV because you couldn’t seem to discover anything that interested you among the 100+ channels. While bouncing from channel to channel, I stumbled upon a channel that was showing the Passion of the Christ. Ordinarily, I would scroll right past it and not give it a second thought. But that day I pressed the okay button and watched. Then the strangest thing happened; I wasn’t sad, palpitations didn’t rock my heart and I didn’t feel sorry that Jesus went through that horror. Instead, I was full of joy! Why? Because now I have a better and stronger understanding of what took place at the cross. Jesus had to go through that intense and unspeakable pain so that I would never have to. It was a glorious and beautiful exchange on the cross. His suffering and death brought me eternal life and peace. He was facing the chastisement, a penalty for my peace. His mangled body provided me with good health. That day, I was overflowing with gratitude.

I mean, it was still painful watching the Roman soldiers beat him until he couldn’t move, but that just made me more thankful. The death of Jesus restored our relationship and direct link to God, which the devil had shattered in the Garden of Eden. We now have direct access to our Heavenly Father, and we may fearlessly approach the seat of Grace, knowing that all of the punishment for our sins has been carried out on the body of his loving son, Jesus Christ. We never have to feel insufficient or undeserving of God’s eternal love since the death of His son qualified and made us deserving of it. He is never mad or angry with us because as far as the east is from the west, so has He separated us from our iniquities. 

This is what is good about Good Friday. It was and still is the best Friday of all Fridays! It is the day Jesus died horribly so that I may reign in life and eternally with Him when I have been satisfied with long life. Glory! 


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  1. Yes, the best Friday ever, the day every mankind was redeemed, i mean those that accept Him as their Lord and saviour.

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