In every ‘nonsense’ there is always a ‘sense. This is an age-long principle from the Book of Elders that cautions us to always look out for lessons to be learned from every experience.

I had decided to go clubbing with the boys on a Friday night after a long week at work. Feeling quite tipsy and tired, I decided to take some time off the dance floor and just observe the moment. I sunk on a fluffy sofa in the VIP lounge and with a glass of Hennessey Cognac in hand, the lyrics from the song that filled the club arena sent me into deep-thoughts.

“Ma lo ma think be everybody, ko ma lo ma dabi everybody,” the Badoo himself sang. For the first time, this struck a chord and I found myself analyzing a life-changing principle. The above lyrics simply translate to “don’t think like everybody so you won’t end up like everybody”.

This is the difference between being average and being successful– thinking outside the box. At some point on the ladder of success, one would need to go on a ghost mode, take a break from what society thinks and walk the path alone. Self-development and personal investment are prerequisites in the formative and early stages of building one’s career.

At this stage, an individual must have a strong belief in himself and channel all energy into mastering his craft. This comes after an inward search on discovering one’s purpose and passion, and the readiness to make such dreams a reality. This is the hardest phase of growth since we live in a world where we have to prove ourselves to life to earn a place in it. The need for personal growth and development cannot be overemphasized. At a point in one’s life, one has to deny oneself of frivolities and strictly do away with whatever does not contribute to one’s personal growth and engage in activities that bring one closer to living the dream.

Read that book, spend that extra hour practising that skill, acquire that material, try and attempt that activity, allow yourself to learn from that mistake, take that risk, have that extra faith in yourself, give life your best shot. The yearnings to stand out and be successful must “durosoke” above anything else because one day “everything go stew!”

Being successful is no soft work as coming through in that Mercedes requires a lot of determined and conscious effort aimed at self-development and proper investment in oneself.

With the lessons beginning to clear in my head, I saw the half-bottle of Hennessey on the table and wondered where my thoughts were coming from. Maybe it is me thinking with the bottle, or maybe it’s the bottle thinking with me, I may never know. The DJ had begun to play Turn up, I stood up to dance again with a chuckle and confidence that when I leave here, I would stand and dance to whatever life threw at me. I would invest in myself, dare to take that risk. I would think, do and be different because one day my success sef go turn up, Mobolowowon!


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