As a wrestling fan, I often hear people say things like, “why do you watch wrestling? It is fake,” You know it’s not real, right?” If you are new to wrestling comments like this would definitely put you off and discourage you from watching the sport. So, allow me to clear this common misconception for you. To answer the first general question, “is wrestling real?” yes, it is. To answer the second obvious question “is it scripted?” yes, it is.

Wrestling is like watching a movie. The producer, director, writer and actors already know how the movie will end. The outcome of the movie is predetermined by the writer. The only people that don’t know how the movie will end are the viewers; you and I. However, because the movie was predetermined doesn’t mean the actors didn’t sweat and bleed to produce the movie. It doesn’t mean that the stuntmen and women didn’t exchange a few blows to shoot the fight scenes or jump off a building with a trampoline to break their fall. Actors, especially their stunts men and women put a lot of time and energy into giving us the best movies.

It is the same with wrestling, except here the actors perform their own stunts which could end very badly for them. Several wrestlers have died in the ring, a recent example is Perro Aguayo Jr. who died in the ring during a match on March 20th, 2015. His cause of death was a cardiac arrest due to cervical stroke caused by three fractured vertebrae he sustained during the match. Another example is Owen Hart, a member of the Hart wrestling family. Owen plummeted, 78 feet to the ground which led to massive internal bleeding and eventually, death. Professional wrestlers like Paige, Sting, Edge and lots more, have had to retire forcefully because they sustained life threatening injuries during a match. Some were lucky to make a comeback, like Tomasa Ciampa of the NXT brand who suffered a torn ACL during a ladder match in 2017. Pro Wrestlers like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have suffered torn knee ligament and several bruised ribs.

Storylines exists to build tension and momentum towards a match but the performances are one hundred percent real. Everybody knows the Marvel cinematic universe or Hogwarts doesn’t exist but you don’t hear anybody call it fake. We use fancy terms like, fiction or fantasy and we still enjoy watching the movies.

Wrestling is scripted, yes, but the performances are real and there are no take twos or take threes like in a movie production. The wrestlers feel the pains and hurts when their body collides with the ring or on the hard floor outside the ring or on the announcers table and some of them pay the price for those stunts with their body, some more than others.


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  1. Trinity’s articles are always lit. She has a unique way of thinking, of seeing things and it reflects in the way she writes. As a fan who has read all her articles and novels I will love to meet her someday.
    Trinity, you are awesome! I pray you get all the publicity you deserve

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